Fall Nationals ends season at RPM Speedway


Special to The Hays Daily News

HAYS, KS (October 13)--Over 200 race teams converged on RPM Speedway in Hays, KS, for Fall Nationals VI Thursday, Friday and Saturday, October 11-13. Drivers from 12 states, as well as Canada, were in attendance.

A stellar field of IMCA Modifieds were on hand, with several good drivers not making it to the $5,000 to win main event. As the 24-car field took the green for the 40-lap event, Scott Drake of Joplin, MO, jumped out to a quick lead, followed by Jeff Taylor and RPM Speedway track champion David Murray of Oberlin. Taylor, of Cave City, AR, shot to the lead on lap 7 with Drake and Murray in tow. The lone caution waved on lap 11 when Travis Sherfick spun out. Then while under caution, Drake developed problems and headed pitside, not to return. Taylor, who won the IMCA Super Nationals in Boone, IA, last month, proved that win was no fluke as he pulled away from the field and went on to collect the big paycheck. Terry Phillips of Springfield, MO, made a charge midway through the race but could not make a pass and had to settle for second. Dominic Ursetta of Arvada, CO, finished third, followed by Murray and Colorado state champion Jeremy Frenier of Fort Morgan, CO.

The 30-lap IMCA Stock Car feature had the fans on the edge of their seats as a battle for the top spot went from green to checkered. Polesitter Jason Rogers of Selden took the lead at the drop of the green, trailed by Nick Tubbs and Jeff Tubbs, both of Colby, and 4-time national champion Mike Nichols of Harlan, IA. Nick Tubbs took control on lap 11 and continued to lead to the halfway point. After a couple of cautions, Tubbs led the field back to green on lap 18, with Nichols, Rogers, Wakeeney's Terry Cunningham, and Kyle Vanover of Beatrice, NE, right behind. Nichols edged out Tubbs for the lead on lap 22, with Tubbs regaining the lead on lap 23, only to be passed by Nichols on the following lap. Nichols was able to hold off Tubbs and Rogers at the wire for a close win, with Vanover and Cunningham close behind. Nichols, who also won the fall nationals in 2008, collected a $3,000 winner's check.

The IMCA Northern Sport Mod feature saw national champion Jesse Sobbing of Glenwood, IA, jump out to a lead when the green flag waved, followed by hometown driver Trenton Kleweno and Dylan Book of Adel, IA. Sobbing continued to lead the pack at the halfway mark of the 25-lap race with Kleweno and Belleville's Tyler Frye in second and third. But Sobbing's night ended on lap 15 when he broke, giving Kleweno the lead on the restart, followed by Frye and Book. But when the green flag waved, Frye made the pass on Kleweno for the lead and held on the remaining distance to claim the win, his third fall nationals crown after winning in 2008 and 2010. Frye earned a $2,000 check for the victory. Kleweno had a good run to finish second, followed by Book, Austin Walker of Utica, and Colby's Dustin Daniels.

A $1,000 winner's check awaited the victor of the IMCA Hobby Stock feature. Ron Wehling of Russell looked like he was on his way to the big payday as he took advantage of his pole starting position to take a quick lead, followed by track champion Brian Stich and G.W. Fuller. By lap 15 of the 20-lap event, Fuller made his way to second and challenged Wehling. Going down the backstretch on lap 18, Fuller got by Wehling. Wehling tried to get back around Fuller on the outside in turn 3, but his car drifted and he went off the track and slid back to last place. Fuller, of Tescott, held on for the win, followed by Topeka's Stich, Jason Fusselman of Shelby, IA, and hometown pilots Garrett Hager and Cody Graham.

Heat races and qualifiers took place on Friday night, with last chance races and the features on Saturday.

While a test & tune session was run for those four classes on Thursday evening, a complete program took place for the IMCA Sport Compacts. Track champion Monte Honas of Ellis finished his season on a high note with a win in the 20-lap feature. Allen Rice led the first 3 laps before Honas took command on lap 4 and led the rest of the way for a trip to victory lane and a $300 paycheck. Shyla Hughes finished second, followed by Jacob Olmstead, Rice, and Wade Heller.

Glen Unrein was the 2012 inductee into the RPM Speedway Wall of Fame.

Sponsors for the weekend were Honas Tank Service, Rock Ridge Ranch, Skillett & Sons Trucking, Budweiser, Golden B Hydra Drilling, DC Services, Quality Oil Field Cementing, Oldham Sales and Sporer Land Development.

RPM Speedway officials would like to thank all the track sponsors this season. Also to all the speedway staff and volunteers, drivers and fans for their support in 2012.


IMCA Sport Compacts

Feature: 1. Monte Honas, 2. Shyla Hughes, 3. Jacob Olmstead, 4. Allen Rice, 5. Wade Heller, 6. Art Herzog, 7. Vincent Jasper, 8. Allen Guthrie, 9. Justin Rohr, 10. Ed Jasper, 11. Kiowa Higdon, 12. Donnie Werth (DNF), 13. Triston Barton (DNF).

IMCA Hobby Stocks

Last Chance #1 (top 5 advance): 1. Garrett Hager, 2. Tyrel Smith, 3. Austin Davis, 4. Gary Goudy Sr., 5. Toby Schield, 6. Robert Emmons, 7. Paul Burck, 8. W.D. Matteson, 9. Tommy Shoemaker, 10. Michael Johnson, 11. Jacob Williams (DNF).

Last Chance #2 (top 5 advance): 1. Jimmy Jenkins, 2. Cody Graham, 3. Noah Ludwig, 4. Mark Normandin, 5. Aaron Honas, 6. Aaron Gray, 7. Cody Davis, 8. Daniel Irwin (DNF), 9. Cody Pancake (DNF), 10. Cody Ghumm (DNF), 11. Tommy Fose (DNF).

Feature: 1. G.W. Fuller, 2. Brian Stich, 3. Jason Fusselman, 4. Garrett Hager, 5. Cody Graham, 6. Jimmy Jenkins, 7. Jeromy Wagner, 8. Noah Ludwig, 9. Russ Specht, 10. Dominic Thyfault, 11. Toby Schield, 12. Tyrel Smith, 13. Austin Davis, 14. Mark Normandin, 15. Gary Goudy Jr., 16. Mike Traskowsky, 17. Gary Goudy Sr., 18. Aaron Honas, 19. Ron Wehling, 20. Kyle Bond (DNF).

IMCA Northern Sport Mods

Last Chance #1 (top 4 advance): 1. Robby Roselli, 2. Bryan Herrick, 3. Michael Wadel, 4. Kurtis Pihl, 5. Troy Attwood, 6. Steven Lewis, 7. Brenden Damon, 8. Don Strecker, 9. Jason Gray (DNF), 10. Shane Pertl (DNF), 11. Kaid Calhoon (DNF), 12. Kyle Olberding (DNS).

Last Chance #2 (top 4 advance): 1. Dustin Daniels, 2. Joe Couse, 3. Daniel Smith, 4. Josh Appel, 5. Fred Traskowsky, 6. Wade Wagenblast, 7. Rocky Zimmerman, 8. Ken Lutters, 9. Toby Witthuhn, 10. Ryan Stevenson, 11. Kenny Schmidt, 12. Jeremy Couse, 13. Robby Kosmacek (DNF).

Last Chance #3 (top 4 advance): 1. Tony Rost, 2. Dan Lauer, 3. Willie Wynn, 4. Shane Stout, 5. Austin Carter, 6. Mark Franklin, 7. Daniel Gottschalk, 8. Tanner Portenier, 9. Jerrod Couse, 10. Paul Donovan, 11. John Melgaard, 12. Andy Barton (DNF), 13. Cole Wilson (DNF), 14. Jay Weigel (DNS).

Feature: 1. Tyler Frye, 2. Trenton Kleweno, 3. Dylan Book, 4. Austin Walker, 5. Dustin Daniels, 6. Blaine Walt, 7. Jeremy Chambers, 8. Kurtis Pihl, 9. Michael Wadel, 10. Tony Rost, 11. Bryan Herrick, 12. Chris Heim, 13. Joe Couse, 14. Mike Appel, 15. Seth Schroer, 16. Josh Appel, 17. Cory McGann, 18. Shane Stout, 19. Dan Lauer (DNF), 20. Daniel Smith (DNF), 21. Robby Rosselli (DNF), 22. Clay Sellard (DNF), 23. Jesse Sobbing (DNF), 24. Willie Wynn.

IMCA Stock Cars

Last Chance #1 (top 3 advance): 1. Kyle Vanover, 2. Adam Balthazor, 3. Shaylon Holloway, 4. Mike Wilson, 5. Jeff Whiling, 6. Dustin Wannarka, 7. Billy Phelps, 8. Rich Wadel, 9. Bobby Eubanks (DNF), 10. Tyler Hahn (DNF).

Last Chance #2 (top 3 advance): 1. Arnold Williams, 2. Jason Davis, 3. Bruce Plumisto, 4. Michael Meyer, 5. Ron Hartman, 6. Casey Werkmeister, 7. Chris Heim, 8. Justin Lewis, 9. Keith Riley (DNF), 10. Lance Borgman (DNS).

Last Chance #3 (top 3 advance): 1. Casey Woken, 2. Angel Munoz, 3. Dave Plowman, 4. Cody Williams, 5. Josh Crombie, 6. Bob Chalupa, 7. Austin Davis, 8. Carey Steffan, 9. Brian Labonte, 10. Bob Arnold (DNF), 11. Dalton Bauer (DNF).

Last Chance #4 (top 3 advance): 1. Rex Higgins, 2. Justin Tiemeyer, 3. Dustin McClurg, 4. Kyle Werkmeister, 5. Mark Zorn, 6. Pat Bedore, 7. Tyler Tipton, 8. Brant Beam, 9. Luke Pfannenstiel, 10. Bob Rutherford, 11. Tracy Holloway (DNF), 12. Mike Kennedy (DNF).

Feature: 1. Mike Nichols, 2. Nick Tubbs, 3. Jason Rogers, 4. Kyle Vanover, 5. Terry Cunningham, 6. Jeff Tubbs, 7. Abe Huhls, 8. Andrew Altenburg, 9. Elijah Zevenberger, 10. Bruce Plumisto, 11. B.J. Wagoner, 12. Rex Higgins, 13. Adam Balthazor, 14. Dave Plowman, 15. Angel Munoz, 16. Shaylon Holloway, 17. Arnold Williams, 18. Jason Davis, 19. Dustin McClurg, 20. Randy Dowell, 21. Casey Woken, 22. Nolan Remus, 23. Justin Tiemeyer (DNF), 24. Josh Hudson (DNF).

IMCA Modifieds

Last Chance #1 (top 3 advance): 1. Grant Junghans, 2. Cody Gearhart, 3. Greg Gustus, 4. Rob Day, 5. Joe Cleveland, 6. Joel Lane, 7. Brian Calhoon, 8. Rodger Peck, 9. Marty Clark, 10. Charlie Delay (DNF), 11. Bill Albin (DNF).

Last Chance #2 (top 3 advance): 1. Jordan Grabouski, 2. Kyle Rohleder, 3. Brendon Gemmill, 4. Nate Moore, 5. Shannon Maughlin, 6. Brandon Blochlinger, 7. Mike Martin, 8. Chad Taylor, 9. Rick Julian (DNF), 10. Mike Lunow (DNF), 11. Bobby Bills (DNF).

Last Chance #3 (top 3 advance): 1. Corey Lagoon, 2. Jesse Richter, 3. Troy Plummer, 4. Cory Sample, 5. Mike Petersilie, 6. John Fose, 7. Ronnie Wallace, 8. Milo Lippelmann, 9. Jerry Teel (DNF), 10. Matt Henke (DNF), 11. Kenny Cross (DNS).

Last Chance #4 (top 3 advance): 1. Charles Stryker, 2. Ronnie Hill, 3. Jeremy Mills, 4. Dylan Smith, 5. David Karst, 6. Brian Knoell, 7. Danny Keller, 8. Eddie Belec, 9. Casey Jo Wanger, 10. David Solberg, 11. Kevin Gray, 12. Benny Lovell (DNS).

Feature: 1. Jeff Taylor, 2. Terry Phillips, 3. Dominic Ursetta, 4. David Murray, 5. Jeremy Frenier, 6. Dylan Sherfick, 7. Jordan Grabouski, 8. John Hansen, 9. Grant Junghans, 10. Richie Gustin, 11. Jeremy Mills, 12. Cody Gearhart, 13. Greg Gustus, 14. Kyle Rohleder, 15. Brendon Gemmill, 16. Travis Sherfick, 17. Darrick Klima, 18. Ronnie Hill, 19. Jerry Phillips, 20. Jesse Richter, 21. Troy Plummer, 22. Charles Stryker, 23. Scott Drake (DNF), 24. Corey Lagroon (DNF).