Martin takes URSS opener in Beaver

By the URSS

BEAVER, Okla. -- It's always good to get a win early in the season. That's what Jason Martin was thinking after taking home the top prize Friday night at the United Rebel Sprint Series season-opener at Beaver County Raceway in Beaver, Okla.

Martin started eighth and made his way to the front to claim another URSS victory. In four races in Beaver, Martin has won two of them, including two of the last three. "I'm real pleased to get that one," the Liberal driver said. "You always want to go to a close race track to your home and run well. I felt we had the dominant car."

The first day of the Beaver Cow Chip Spring Nationals was a wild shoot-out. Martin made a big jump from his starting spot early, jumping into the third-place spot. "Everybody went to the bottom, and I went up to the fence," Martin said. "I got up to third quickly." Martin reeled in C.J. Johnson and the rest of the pack to take the lead near the halfway point. Then Martin checked out.

"C.J. was in second, and he said he wasn't close enough to do anything with it," Martin said. Johnson, the URSS career wins leader, finished second, followed by Luke Cranston in third. Cranston won the inaugural race at Beaver in 2011. Hill City's Jeff Radcliffe was fourth after making his way through the B-main to even qualify for the feature.

Heat race winners were Kaden Taylor, Johnson, Ray Seemann and Ty Williams.

The Keizer Aluminum Racing Wheels Hard Charger award went to Radcliffe, who started 12th and finished fourth.

Feature results

1. Jason Martin, 2. C.J. Johnson, 3. Luke Cranston, 4. Jeff Radcliffe, 5. Ray Seemann, 6. Darren Bowman, 7. Brian Herbert, 8. Tyler Knight, 9. Mike Spear, 10. Jordan Randles, 11. Jake Bubak, 12. Keefe Hemel, 13. Zach Blurton, 14. Kris Miller, 15. Josh Fairbank, 16. Connor Atkinson, 17. Kaden Taylor, 18. Taylor Velasquez, 19. Brian Hardman, 20. Ty Williams.

B Feature results.

1. Brian Herbert, 2. Jeff Radcliffe, 3. Taylor Velasquez, 4. Keefe Hemel, 5. Tyler Knight, 6. Josh Fairbank, 7. Jordan Randles, 8. Zach Blurton, 9. Jake Bubak, 10. Connor Atkinson, 11. Butch Hardman, 12. Monte Hein, 13. Barry Crane, 14. Lance Davis.