Radcliffe motors to URSS win at Lexington

By the URSS

LEXINGTON, Neb. -- This time, lap traffic wasn't going to stop Jeff Radcliffe. The Hill City Hotshoe made his way through the traffic and grabbed the win at Dawson County Raceway on Sunday night in Lexington, Neb.

A night earlier, Radcliffe got passed by Luke Cranston in lap traffic, but this time Radcliffe picked and chose his passing lanes perfectly en route to the win.

"When I got into lap traffic, it was a lot easier than the night before," Radcliffe said. "I could pass them one at a time."

Radcliffe started sixth while Mark Walinder held the lead during the early portion of the race before the Hill City driver made his way to the front. But after taking the top spot, the field started to narrow the gap until a caution. Then, Radcliffe never looked back and pulled away for the win.

"I don't have a rear-view mirror," Radcliffe joked. "I was a scared rabbit. I was trying to go as fast as I could."

Cranston, who started eighth, finished second after taking the win a night earlier in Oberlin.

"Two years ago, I probably would have held them off for a few laps," Radcliffe said. "Now, I have enough experience to help get the job done."

Ray Seemann had another impressive run, finishing third, and Jake Bubak was fourth. Walinder rounded out the top five.

"Cranston was all over Jeff until the yellow, then Jeff realized Cranston was behind him and took off," said URSS founder Rick Salem. "He let him and Seemann fight it out then."

Radcliffe and Greg Reiners won the heat races, while Bubak grabbed the Keizer Aluminum Racing Wheels Hard-Charger Award by starting 14th and finishing fourth.

Feature results

1. Jeff Radcliffe, 2. Luke Cranston, 3. Ray Seemann, 4. Jake Bubak, 5. Mark Walinder, 6. Richie Dewell, 7. Greg Reiners, 8. John Webster, 9. Judd Sheaffer, 10. Doug Roth, 11. Mike Madden. 12. Keefe Hemel (DNF), 13. Zac Taylor (DNF), 14. Tom Belsky (DNF), 15. Shawn Radcliffe (DNF), 16. Nate Berry (DNS).