NICK SCHWIEN â ¢ Hays Daily News Wheat Lippelman won Sunday night's stock car feature at WaKeeney Speedway.

Lippelman wins stock feature at WaKeeney


WaKEENEY -- He was a bit upset after the modified feature.

But what Wheat Lippelman accomplished in the stock car feature right before put a glimmer of excitement in his night Sunday at WaKeeney Speedway.

Lippelman jumped to the lead after starting third and led all 20 laps to claim his first win at WaKeeney this season.

"Luck of the draw, I guess," Lippelman said. "Maybe the track just came to the car. It was just fun."

Lippelman might not of had a lot of words to say after the modified feature -- he finished 10th -- but his driving did the talking in the stock feature. Even four cautions weren't enough to hold him back.

"I won the Spring Fling last year, and it was about the same way as far as track -- maybe a little smoother," Lippelman said. "Big motors don't win races now, do they?"

Lippelman pulled away after each restart, and as drivers behind him jockeyed for position on a track that showcased little passing, he lengthened his lead each lap.

"He was a rocket," Tyrel Smith said about Lippelman. "He was a rocket in the corner, and he was a rocket off the corner. I had nothing for him."

Neither did anyone else, for that matter, as Lippelman notched another win in the stock car class.

Smith did his best to keep Lippelman close, but to no avail. But he wasn't about to look down on his second-place finish -- his highest in the stock class after running a hobby stock last year.

"Time and patience," Smith said. "I was trying to be nice in the corner, that way I could be fast off the corner. That's why I was going so slow going off the corner. I should have went harder, but I kept getting loose. And I knew Wheat was going to walk away with it. He did a really good job."

Smith battled for the runner-up spot, passing Jeff Tubbs on lap 10 to move into second.

"I was wanting to run two shows this weekend," Smith said. "I'm leading the region rookie of the year standings for the stocks. Goodland got rained out, and starting fourth row here, I knew I had to finish good to have a shot. Coming in, I was fourth row and figured I would stay there or move back. There's a lot of good drivers here at WaKeeney, especially on a tough track. I got second, and the best part about it was I passed Nick Tubbs for second. That was better than the win, I think."

Jason Davis finished third, with Tubbs inches away in fourth. But the night belonged to Lippelman

"You've got to pedal," Lippelman said. "If you get on it too early, you'll blow the tires off. You just have to time everything. And if you ask me how to do it, I don't know. I just do it."

* Daniel Irwin led all 15 laps of the hobby stock feature. Cody Ghumm was second, followed by Jeromy Wagner and Kirk Karst.

* Clay Money won a long sport mod feature, surviving through six cautions. He led every lap. Chris Heim was second, with Daniel Gottschalk in third and Willie Wynn in fourth.

* Tim Watts led the first two laps of the modified feature, only to see Ryan Heger get by him for the lead. Heger led the rest of the 20 laps. Shannon Maughlin was third, and Troy Plummer was fourth.

* Racing returns to WaKeeney Speedway at 6:30 p.m. Sunday.