NICK SCHWIEN • Hays Daily News Travis Sherfick competes in a modified heat race Sunday at WaKeeney Speedway.

Travis Sherfick back in the groove


WaKEENEY -- A night earlier, Angie Sherfick looked at her son's car and told him Stella had her groove back.

No, the mother of Travis Sherfick wasn't talking about watching a movie afterward with her son and his new bride. She was referring to his modified, one he drove to victory lane at Hays' RPM Speedway after several dismal outings -- by Sherfick standards.

It appeared mom knows best as Sherfick backed up Saturday's win in the modified feature with another Sunday night at WaKeeney Speedway.

"I don't know if it was getting married or finding out what was wrong with my race car,"  Sherfick said. "We struggled through the middle of the year something terrible. We just couldn't figure out what was wrong with my car. We were struggling, and we're still struggling a little bit. We're not as fast as we were a few years ago. Finally, we figured out some stuff wrong with it and got it fixed. We just started replacing parts and figured out what it was."

Sherfick has been known to have stellar ends to the racing seasons, rattling off win after win. But this year, he couldn't quite get the handle on an issue with his car.

After several inspections, he figured out it had to do with the brake pedal assembly. Problem solved, and problem created for competitors.

Sherfick started 10th in the feature and appeared to move into the runner-up spot by lap six, only to have the first caution come out -- relegating him back to fourth.

Kyle Rohleder paced the field back to the green flag, followed by Troy Plummer. Sherfick got around John Fose into third on lap eight, then passed Plummer for second two laps later.

By that time, Rohleder had a sizable lead. Sherfick didn't give in, though, slowly reeling him in.

On lap 17, he closed the margin to only a car length. The next lap, he was on his bumper.

"I got beside Kyle a few times, but his car was so fast through the center of the corners," Sherfick said. "I couldn't catch him through the center. Coming off of three and four, I could really suck up to him. Through one and two, we were really pretty even. I don't know if I could have done anything with him there. He definitely had the line going down there."

With Sherfick hot on his heels, Rohleder tried to hold down the top spot. Entering turn three on the next to last lap, a lap car skated high and into Rohleder's line. He got on the brakes as Sherfick shot low. Rohleder's modified went spinning off the track.

"Both of us were fast," Sherfick said. "I didn't know if I could pass him or not. Obviously, that lapped car helped to my advantage, just happened to be in his line instead of my line. I just got lucky. I guess that's what racing is all about. Sometimes you catch a little luck. Rohleder was definitely fast in that crate motor, one of those pickup motors, they call them. I always wanted to try one, but we'll see what happens. If I keep going good, we'll keep it that way."

The race continued, with Sherfick taking the final lap for the win. Plummer was second, followed by Dylan Sherfick and Fose.

* Monte Honas was well on his way to winning another sport compact feature, only to have his car fail -- forcing him to be helped off the track. That allowed Dean Herzog to take the lead, and he drove to his first win at WaKeeney. Art Herzog was second, followed by Kirk Pfannenstiel and Brandon Lobdell.

* After a wild start to the hobby stock feature that saw a large pileup and had Cody Graham nearly pushed over the top of Colton Pfeifer, Graham rebounded with little to no damage to win his fourth feature. Brian Stich was second, followed by Leon Pfannenstiel and Garrett Hager.

* Austin Walker led the first six laps of the Northern sport mod feature before Blaine Walt got by him and Clay Sellard to take the lead. He'd drive to his third win at the track. Sellard was second, with Walker third and Kurtis Pihl fourth.

* Jason Rogers took the lead on lap four of the stock car feature and drove to his second win at the track. B.J. Wagoner was second, and Jeff Tubbs -- who had won five in a row at the track -- was third. Jason Davis was fourth.

* Racing returns to WaKeeney Speedway on Aug. 25.