NICK SCHWIEN ⠢ Hays Daily News Travis Sherfick's modified shows heavy damage after hitting the wall during a heat race on the last night of the season at WaKeeney Speedway. Sherfick was able to fix his car enough to finish the night and claim the track title.

Sherfick brothers battle for title at hometown track

WaKEENEY -- The first track title always is sweet.

But for Travis Sherfick to win his first modified track title at WaKeeney Speedway, it took a lot of hard work and a stiff challenge from his brother, Dylan.

Sherfick entered the final night of racing at his hometown track with a slim points lead over his brother, Marty Clark and Corey Lagroon.

As the night started, it was clear none of the four were going to have it easy. Travis tagged the front-stretch wall, leaving significant damage to his modified, and each of the four failed to transfer from their respective heat races -- meaning they had to qualify from the B-main.

"Sometimes it ain't real fun because that's all you worry about," Travis said about making a run at a points title. "I don't really like points racing. Every time it seems like you're trying to points race, it seems something will happen. You'll blow a motor right before the end of the race or the last race of the year. It seems like something always goes wrong before you get it done. If it's there at that time, it's there. If it's not, it's not."

It was there for Travis, and his brother, too. Lagroon also qualified for the night's A-main.

"Going into the night, I was nine points behind my brother," Dylan said. "It was kind of a weird deal how the top three point guys didn't even make the A from their heat races. Of course, my brother got tore up pretty bad, and it was one of those deals where you kind of wish he wouldn't make it out there so you can win the points championship. But that's just the way it goes."

Travis nursed his car to a 13th-place finish, just one spot behind Dylan. Lagroon finished 17th on a night where the track shaped up to provide little passing.

That was enough to give the driver of the No. 66T the track title -- his first in the modified class.

"That was my goal was to stay as close to (Dylan) as I possibly could,"  Travis said. "I was, maybe after the heat race, going to drive another guy's car -- he told me I could. But luckily enough we got it back together and made it last. I was worried we'd maybe not be able to get the car completely back right."

Travis had won four different track titles while driving in the stock car class before making the switch. He also won a state IMCA title in the division.

But he survived the final night at WaKeeney Speedway, a place where he had won twice this year. In 13 races, he was the only driver to win more than once at the track.

"It felt good,"  Travis said. "It really did. For as much work that is involved with this stuff, it makes it all worth it. Hopefully, we can keep picking those up more and more. We'll see what happens."

Dylan finished second, and Lagroon -- who won last season's title -- was third.

It was the first time the Sherfick brothers grabbed the top two spots in a points battle.

"It is pretty nice,"  Dylan said. "We've had some 1-2 finishes, and it's always nice to finish up at the top -- keeps everyone talking about you, I guess."