What's in a name?


What's in a name?

This letter is in response to Nicole Kennedy of Victoria. I do not know her. It is sad that she believes many Americans want to defeat Barack Hussein Obama because of his middle name. Many Americans want to defeat Obama because of his policies.

Obama's policies of the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare); large deficits ($5 trillion in four years); the stacking of the NLRB; reducing our military; cutting our national defense budget; fighting Arizona's immigration law; fighting ID for voting; Operation Fast and Furious; the $535 million taxpayer dollars to now-bankrupt Solyndra and the green movement, which accounts for only 2 percent of our energy; fighting the coal industry, which accounts for most of our energy; fighting the oil/gas industry by denying the pipeline and permits for drilling in a number of areas; unions having a large ownership in GM; the NDAA; class warfare; 45 million Americans on welfare; foreign policies, etc. There are reasons these Americans want to defeat Obama. These Americans don't like the direction our country is going.

Nicole Kennedy said she researches every angle of a story. She goes on to say the other side is never portrayed, slandered, in the things being spread around. I guess the hateful attacks on Sarah Palin and her children, the hateful attacks on Michele Bachmann, and the attacks on Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona don't add up to being slander to this woman.

I could go on and on, but it's not Barack Obama's name that is the issue, it's his policies.

His name could be John Smith or Tom Jones, those who want to defeat Barack Obama do not like his policies.

Roger Ewing


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