A better way


We don't always agree with Les Knoll but he certainly has it right in his evaluation of the U.S. Supreme Court. (Reader Forum, May 8).

As early as the 1970s in a letter to the editor to another newspaper we stated that the U.S. Supreme Court was so shot full of politics it no longer followed a nonpartison policy. It even elects presidents.

Perhaps a term-limit procedure would help? Or, better yet, use another procedure for selecting the judges. Would by popular vote be appropriate?

Obviously, something needs to be done. The best solution would be term limits for senators and congressmen; we think the only solution to our current problems would be to make a clean sweep of all incumbents and start over. The ousting of Lugar of Indiania is a good start.

There are ways to clean up the mess in Washington, but we are not optimistic.

Carl and Darlene Shlegel


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