After weeks of silence, Billy Preston’s mother, Nicole Player, spoke out on her Twitter account to defend her son following Kansas’ 85-73 home loss to Texas Tech.

Preston has sat out all 14 regular-season games with KU investigating the “financial picture” of his vehicle.

“I’m tired of being quiet. I’m sick of watching people bash my child but if he suited up tomorrow he’d be the next coming of Jesus Christ to you guys,” Player wrote on Twitter. “Enough is enough. Be a fan, be supportive, be empathetic or just be quiet until the NCAA does what they have to do.”

The next five tweets were in response to other Twitter users. The first person said the situation was unfair to Preston.

“As soon as he is cleared ... which I feel he should and will be ... I will speak candidly on this situation, however, I will not sit quiet while ‘fans’ put jackets on him that don’t fit. No one knows the stress that my family has gone through,” Player wrote.

Another Twitter user said she didn’t blame Player for being frustrated.

“Not only that ... if I had anything to hide ... I could’ve pulled him in November. This is taxing and stressful. But he’s there, being supportive, he hasn’t bailed on his team. He’s cheering and coaching and doing all he can,” Player wrote.

When someone agreed with her position, Player replied with this: “I don’t think they understand. Billy is 6’10” 240 lbs ... I could’ve sent him overseas in Nov. when this started, he would’ve been an instant millionaire and a 1st round pick . I allowed the NCAA in my personal life for Kansas. Guilty people don’t do that.”

Later, another Twitter user told her to stay strong.

“I’m trying ... but I’m tired of being judged and persecuted and I know he is too,” she wrote.

A final person told her that many fans supported her son.

“And we thank you all ... and appreciate the support. You have no clue how much it means to have people who don’t know us personally keep the faith and stand strong,” she wrote.

Self’s gave the latest update on Preston’s status last week. KU is believed to have sent its findings on Preston to the NCAA while awaiting a ruling.

“I feel much better in at least getting somewhat of an answer even if it’s not a definitive one on what our next step will be with him soon,” Self said of Preston then. “I do feel comfortable with that. Hopefully we’ll hear something soon, our people will (hear something soon).”