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Tim Callahan


Tim Callahan is the assistant athletic director of external operations at Fort Hays State University. He is from Greeley, Neb., and started work at FHSU in April 2010.

Callahan is in charge of fundraising through advertising and sponsorships. He oversees all areas of promotions, all of the things that go on at the game, the cheerleaders and the mascot, special events and more.

"The thing I enjoy most is dealing with people -- people that have invested interest in the university and the athletic department, people who want to be a part of it. I like to meet and work with people and develop a strong relationship and try to figure out how we can get everyone involved and on board with Tiger athletics," Callahan said.

His favorite event of the year is the Tiger Auction and Dinner, coming up Aug. 25.

"The way this event has come together, the way it kind of kicks off the year for us, the atmosphere it creates, is just unmatched. It's a really neat event to be a part of. To see all of these people come together to support your department is extremely overwhelming," Callahan said.