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Special to The Hays Daily News

Special to The Hays Daily News

Area fifth-graders will gather on the Fort Hays State University campus Monday as the American Democracy Project hosts the sixth annual Ben Franklin Papers event.

Through the collaborative efforts of the Department of Teacher Education, Forsyth Library and the Center for Civic Leadership, a university gift has turned into a learning tool for local elementary students.

The centerpiece of the event is two original Ben Franklin letters, in his own hand, and copies of Franklin's newspaper, the Pennsylvania Gazette. The letters and papers were donated to Forsyth Library by FHSU alumni Cecil Currey.

The program will feature a presentation by Ben Franklin impersonator Fred Krebs, Johnson County Community College professor of history. Interactive learning sessions that focus on various aspects of Franklin's life will be created by FHSU students in the Social Studies Methods course.

In addition to sessions, students can have a snack at the "Boston Tea Party" and hear from Franklin himself through Krebs' impersonation.

For more information, call (785) 628-5399 or email adp@fhsu.edu.