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FHSU Shooting Club, team benefit from sale of rifle set


Special to The Hays Daily News

Special to The Hays Daily News

A fundraiser centered on a collection of Winchester Model 70 bolt-action rifles recently raised $25,000 for Fort Hays State University's Shooting Club.

One hundred tickets were sold at $100 apiece, and at a drawing at Joe Bob Outfitters, Hays, Rob McClure, Tescott, won the four Winchester Model 70s in "The 'Nearly Perfect' Rifle Battery," commissioned from Winchester by Larry and Brenda Potterfield of MidwayUSA, a catalog and Internet retailer, and the MidwayUSA Foundation, Columbia, Mo., which encourages and supports shooting teams at universities and colleges.

The rifles were all Super Grade Model 70s, which each retail from approximately $1,300 to more than $1,500.

"The Potterfields have made a real commitment to youth shooting and they have dedicated a lot of financial resources to promoting youth shooting in the United States," said Duane Shepherd, associate professor of health and human performance and Shooting Club sponsor. "There are a lot of people benefiting from it nationwide, not just at FHSU."

MidwayUSA commissioned 100 of the sets from Winchester and offered them to schools willing to commit to raising $10,000.

FHSU's first competition in the 2012-13 Scholastic Clay Target Program will be in North Platte, Neb. The FHSU team is technically the sponsor of that meet, but Hays does not have the facilities to host it.

Tiger shooters will compete until October, when the season takes a break until February or March.

The MidwayUSA Foundation provided the rifles for the drawing. The $10,000 in ticket money was divided two ways. The team received $5,000 directly, and the remaining $5,000 was deposited into the team's Scholastic Shooting Trust with MidwayUSA. Midway matches that money, and all other funds raised by the FHSU Shooting Club, at a 3-to-1 ratio, in this case, another $15,000.

The Potterfields, through the foundation, established the program in 2008.

"We are building that fund up so that we can draw off 5 percent of that a year," Shepherd said.

At last count, the account held $75,000.

"My long-range goal was to get that account up to $100,000 before we started drawing on it," he said. "I think at the end of this semester we'll have that."

When the club begins drawing on its trust, it can use the money however it sees fit -- for targets, travel or other expenses.

The $5,000 that went directly to the club, Shepherd said, will go to equip another skeet field at the Hays City Sportsmen's Club range.

"We've got a great working relationship," Shepherd said. "They let us use the facility at no cost, and they're going to build another skeet field. We have so many kids in our club now that we need another skeet field, and we'll buy the machines for it. That will be huge for us. We can now practice more."

He said the FHSU Shooting Club, in turn, helps the Sportsmen's Club with their shoots and activities and with the facilities. Shepherd also teaches shooting-related courses there.