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Gallery Walk a buffet for the eyes, ears




Each year, the Hays Arts Council Fall Gallery Walk showcases a large range of art from various artists.

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Each year, the Hays Arts Council Fall Gallery Walk showcases a large range of art from various artists.

It is what Brenda Meder, director of the Hays Art Council, calls an art buffet.

Local business owners and the HAC are gearing up for the gallery walk, which will feature both local and out-of-area artists.

"We are a cultural hotbed," Meder said. "There is amazing talent in Hays."

The event will be from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. Friday. There also are early and extended hours available at certain locations Friday. In addition, there will be businesses throughout Hays open during designated times Saturday.

Meder said the walk not only kicks off this year's events, but also the HAC's year of celebrating 45 years since its creation Oct. 9, 1967.

"Really, we just want to make sure that everything we do ... celebrates, highlights and reminds people that we have been around for 45 years, and that we are as committed to the service and quality of life to this community as the people who worked so hard to found this place back in 1967," Meder said.

In addition to celebrating 45 years since it was established, Meder said the HAC will be featuring the 40-year Retrospective Exhibition of Michael Jilg.

"We wanted something special, top drawer, with a significance to our community," Meder said. "His legacy covers almost the entire 45 years of the Hays Arts Council, so that makes it that much more special."

Jilg said all the selected art that will be in the HAC is following the completion of his master of fine arts degree from Wichita State University in 1972 until the present.

"I'm probably going to show about 10 percent of what I actually did in the show," Jilg said of his art. "I could probably fill that gallery 10 times, at least."

Jilg already has plans for his art placement in the HAC.

"I started with the drawings," Jilg said. "Since that back room is all black, the floor's even black, I thought I would go with black and white for the motif there. So, it'll be pencil drawings, a lot of prints, etching and lithographs, but all black-and-whites. No color."

Jilg said smaller prints and collages will be in the hall, while larger paintings that range between 12 and 15 feet will be placed in the front portion of the center.

Meder said Jilg also will donate one original and two prints that will be raffled to exclusively to HAC members.

She said the HAC wanted to do something special to say thank you to HAC members.

Even though the drawing is for HAC members only, Meder said the HAC is accepting new members, and those who sign up that night will be entered into the drawing.