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Political sign down, but no official reports





To Stan Dreiling's way of thinking, one of his large political signs he displays at his place of business was tampered with.

Yet, neither the Hays Police Department or Ellis County Sheriff's Department have reported any such activity so far this election season. And that's unusual, said HPD Lt. Ron Rounkles.

"We always have those stolen, basically every election, but maybe people aren't reporting them," Rounkles said of the yard signs. "I remember not a plague of them, but they always go up around election time. They relocate them, put them in other people's yards."

Late last week, Dreiling, owner of James Motor Co., 108 E. 13th, found his sign supporting Allen Schmidt untied from the poles it was attached to, and laying next to one of the two Sue Boldra signs he also has planted in an empty lot next to his dealership.

Dreiling doesn't think it could have happened by accident; somebody had to cut the ties keeping it attached to the stakes, he reasoned.

Rounkles and Bruce Hertel, undersheriff at Ellis County Sheriff's Department, both said Monday they haven't heard of any reports of mischief regarding yard signs.

"Off the top of my head, I'm not going to say there aren't any, but I don't have any first-hand information of any being stolen," Rounkles said.

If his sign was indeed tampered with, Dreiling is not happy.

"I just don't feel it's justified by doing that," he said. "Whether you're for him or not, that's their opinion, but they shouldn't remove it or tear it down."