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Phillipsburg tennis team receives donation


TAMKO Building Products Inc. donated $5,000 to the Phillipsburg High School tennis team to support them in their efforts to raise money to attend a tennis tournament in June in Cincinnati. General Manager Wayne Westgaard presented the check to the tennis team March 16.

The tennis team plans a trip approximately every three years to a large tennis destination to encourage the continued support of the sport. The tournament the team wishes to attend this year is one of the tennis tournaments that are played before the U.S. Open, which occurs later on in the summer.

Each team member had a goal of raising $600 to pay for transportation, lodging and tickets to the tournament for the trip. The team planned to hold three fundraisers to raise money for the trip. The students already had two and still were in need of money for a final payment when TAMKO donated the money to the team.