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City officials ready for look at proposed downtown pavilion





A conceptual view of a downtown pavilion will be revealed to Hays city commissioners during a work session at 6:30 p.m. Thursday at city hall.

The concept was unveiled by members of the Downtown Hays Development Corp. at Saturday's Wines and Steins event in downtown Hays. A substantial pledge by a donor toward creation of the pavilion is contingent upon city participation in the project, Paul Briseno, assistant city manager, said at a press briefing Tuesday.

When asked what sort of support the DHDC will ask of the city, Briseno said he was unsure, although he said he believes the request will be for financial and in-kind support.

The DHDC also will present its recently completed strategic plan during the work session.

Other agenda items include:

* Condemnation of sidewalks.

"The city has aggressively addressed sidewalks this summer, specifically within the university district," Briseno said. "Out of 40 property owners, only 13 remain that have not complied with this."

As the required amount of time to comply with repair requests has passed, Briseno said city staff is recommending the remaining repairs be authorized by City Manager Toby Dougherty, with costs assessed to the property owners.

* A Market Hays Plan. Jana Jordan, director of Hays Convention and Visitors Bureau, will discuss highlights of a marketing study performed for the city of Hays.

* City ordinance requiring two forms of identification to enter drinking establishments in Hays.