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Russell city manager heading to Ohio





RUSSELL -- City Manager Ralph Wise has accepted a position as administrator of Hebron, Ohio.

"I'm a native Buckeye," Wise said of originally hailing from Ohio.

While the community has fewer than 5,000 residents, slightly smaller than Russell, it's home to the Central Ohio Industrial Park. There are 32 manufacturing operations in the industrial park, and that opens up possibilities for his wife, Wise said.

"It's a little different," he said of the similarities between Russell and Hebron.

Notably, Hebron doesn't have its own electric generation plant, something Russell does have.

Wise, who has been Russell city manager since 2008, also admits a side benefit is Hebron is only 15 minutes away from his grandchildren.

Wise tendered his resignation from the city manager's spot at Russell nearly two weeks ago, but had kept his future job a closely held secret.

He announced where he'll be heading at Tuesday's Russell City Council meeting, after Hebron officials confirmed his appointment.

He also was waiting for confirmation Hebron would reimburse Russell for expenses already paid for Wise to attend a conference this fall.

The Russell council voted to name Russell Police Chief Jon Quinday as interim city manager while a search for a replacement is under way.

"We really, really are going to miss the area," Wise said of Russell. "We've made some good friends."

But providing the opportunity for his wife to get back in her field of expertise was a strong draw.

"It has to be that way," he said. "You've got to think of your family first."