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WILSON -- It took 10 years and $18,000 to finally take possession of the world's largest Czech egg.

Now, the work is set to begin, although Wilson Chamber of Commerce members were quick to agree on a design soon after the egg was delivered Friday by Hess Service Inc., based in Hays.

Ironically, the design of choice -- an eight-point traditional star -- came from a selection of hollow eggs drawn and painted by Wilson High School art teacher Christine Schlechta, and the one favored had been broken.

It's not likely the fiberglass egg now sitting approximately half a block away from the charred walls of the Czech Opera House that burned nearly two years ago, wiping away many of the community's Czechoslovakian artifacts, but not its heritage.

The town's Czech egg will shore up that heritage.

Measuring a whopping 15 feet, 3 inches wide and 20 feet, 1 inch high, the egg was delivered by semi on a cradle that allows it to be rotated.

Jerry Florian, president of the Wilson chamber, hailed the effort to get the egg this far.

He said Dan Hess at Hess Services has worked on the egg for two years, and it will remain a one of a kind item.

"It's going to take us at least a year to get it painted," he said.

Schlechta isn't sure exactly how long it's going to take, especially knowing winter is around the corner.

She'll first have to draw two eight-point stars on the fiberglass egg -- one on each side, and a band encircling the egg.

After that, she and other community volunteers will paint the outlined star, sticking with traditional colors of red, yellow, black and white.