The Hays USD 489 Board of Education voted Monday night to continue employing two central office administrators.

The vote to extend contracts to Assistant Superintendent of Special Services Mark Hauptman and Shanna Dinkel, interim curriculum director, came after much discussion and three motions on the floor.

Superintendent Dean Katt signed a contract in December, so his contract isn't up for renewal.

Hauptman's and Dinkel's contracts are subject to the board approving their form and salary negotiations.

The questioning came when Katt recommended the board move forward on the contracts.

A motion to that effect was made and seconded.

Board member Lance Bickle asked to see the contracts and was told there wasn't time for them to be prepared.

BOE vice president Darren Schumacher said he wouldn't vote for the motion.

The board has "made it a point to not approve or act on anything that's not part of the packet," Schumacher said.

"That was the whole issue in the past -- contracts change. And we were asked to approve them, and (we) never saw them."

Schumacher said his decision had nothing to do with Hauptman or Dinkel.

"I'm not going to vote to approve a contract that's not part of a packet."

No vote was taken on the motion.

A second motion was made and seconded to table the item until the next meeting when the contracts could be attached to the agenda.

The board voted 5-2 in favor of tabling the contracts item.

Board members Marty Patterson and Josh Waddell voted against.

During the discussion period at the end of the meeting, Katt said the purpose of his recommendation was so "administrators knew that they were all back."

Board attorney Bill Jeter said the board could pass a motion agreeing to offer administrators contracts subject to negotiating salary at a later date.

"You're not approving a contract that you haven't seen yet because it doesn't exist," Jeter said.

The motion to extend the contracts to Hauptman and Dinkel subject to approving the contract form and negotiating the salary passed unanimously.