Thanks, FHSU

As I move into a new, exciting time in my professional and personal life, I want to extend my gratitude to all who have helped along the way. In 30 years as a development professional, I have traveled the world, met and became lifelong friends with professionals in all fields, and experienced the true meaning of generosity.

When we moved back to Hays in 2006 after accepting the position as president/CEO of the FHSU Foundation, expectations were high. The foundation needed to grow at a pace that met the ongoing growth of the university. The alumni and friends of this wonderful institution did not let us down. All areas of support have grown over the past 10 years in record numbers. A door was opened and you, the donors, didnít only walk through, you ran through with enthusiasm.

As the foundation moves into a new campaign, I look forward to seeing even greater accomplishments along the way. Thank you to my team members over my career and specifically the FHSU Foundation team, the faculty, staff and students, who, through their dedication, made the story easy to tell, and to my family who ran with me all this time.

Tim Chapman,