Special to The Hays Daily News

With the primary elections just days away, the Kansas Cattlemen’s Association has taken an unprecedented move to endorse Kris Kobach for Secretary of State.

The Kansas Cattlemen’s Association, the only state organization to exclusively work for independent Kansas cattle producers, took the position to support Kobach because of his overall record and his commitment to Kansas and the hard working people that are the foundation of Kansas communities.

Kobach was a leader in backing legislation that would end federal protection of the prairie chicken.  While other groups advocated weakening the bill, Kobach stood strong to defend the rights of Kansas farmers and ranchers. Four years ago, Kobach told Kansans he would protect the constitution, and he has kept his promise to uphold the law and stand up for the American people. His position on protecting private property rights and his family values are also major deciding factors for endorsement.

“Being a cattleman is a way of life,” said CEO Brandy Santos. “Rural communities often rely on multiple generations of families that commit their time and their energy to making their communities better. The people of these communities hold family values close to their hearts, and take tremendous pride in being a Kansan and an American.”