Lincoln Elementary School is scheduled to undergo an extensive outdoor makeover Saturday.

Fort Hays State University’s Kansas National Education Association Student Program will join other organization members from across the state in a service project day.

The KNEA-SP is a professional association for college students preparing to enter the education profession, according to Diosha Johnson, KNEA-SP president.

“KNEA-SP provides college students with assistance, benefits and professional resources,” she said. “The association gives students the opportunity to learn, not only from each other, but also from a network of campus advisers, and from the finest professionals in education.”

Erika Norris, an FHSU sophomore and KNEA-SP underclassman representative, said KNEA-SP has prepared her to be a well-rounded teacher.

“I am part of the organization so I am able to make connections with other educators, so I am able to be better prepared for my future,” she said.

One of the main focuses the group has is community outreach, which is where the service project comes into play.

Approximately 55 students are planning to participate, according to Michael Lucero, KNEA-SP president elect.

“The service project takes places once a year in the spring,” she said.

The event is designed as a beautification project for which KNEA-SP members, chapter advisers, KNEA leadership, KNEA retired and other educators across the state come together to complete projects for a specific school or district, according to Johnson.

“We want to connect with our community and help out our schools,” Lucero said.

After KNEA-SP reached out to schools to determine where they could service, Lincoln Elementary was chosen due to its needs, Lucero said.

“Everything we have going on is all the outdoor stuff to better the school, parking lot and playground,” she said. “The set goals are to repaint parking lines, redo the basketball goals, paint images on the ground and repaint some that are already there — and other things like that.”

Students will be working on the project from 8 a.m. to noon Saturday. In the event of rain, they still will make themselves available for indoor projects.

“It’s one simple gesture our organization gives each year to a school district to show our gratitude and thanks for all individuals working in public education,” Johnson said.