Vote for what's right

I write in support of Congressman Tim Huelskamp, R-Kan. I believe, his service to the people of Kansas provides the best representation, when the time is crucial for retaining representation with a voting record of consistently honoring the values of the citizens and not bending to the will of Washington's establishment.

Huelskamp proves his commitment to our rural way of life repeatedly. He consistently votes pro-religion, life, marriage, family and for balanced budgets. He regularly conducts town halls to stay informed of concerns of those he represents. He cares about the issues and dedicates staff to monitor and attend meetings by the 31-county Kansas Natural Resource Coalition on lesser prairie chickens, as well as Logan County's meetings with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services on the black-footed ferret program's consequences.

Huelskamp is a strong advocate against overreaches of USFWS's improper listing of lesser prairie chickens, EPA's air, water and coal rules, IRS targeting and numerous other issues. He does the right thing for the right reasons.

I encourage you to support Huelskamp on Aug. 5 and allow him to continue his stand for Kansans.

Sheila Ellis,

Scott City