Spring can be very busy and this year with the rains weíve received, not only has the grass grown but the weeds are in full bloom as well. Since it rained a few weeks ago, and Iíve gone outside to take the trash to the container in the alley or walk the dog, I see a weed and pull it. Then I see another weed that needs to be pulled, and so it goes until Iíve picked weeds for an hour or more and my dog is waiting patiently to take her walk. Last year I had few weeds but this year theyíve multiplied. Of course the rains have helped produce beautiful flowers. Iíve seen tulips, iris, roses and other flowers in bloom. In addition the rains have come down on our lawns in town and the lawns have had to be mowed two times a week but that will change when it gets hot.

If youíve been driving in the country or down the highway you would notice the wheat fields look good. The wheat plants have grown tall and are heading out. The farmers should get a good wheat crop this year unless it hails. Weíve been fortunate here and have not received damaging hail as some other areas did. We can thank God for the rain and no hail.

The rain was good for the fields and crops and is therefore good for us because we eat the grain that is produced in some way or another, whether it is made into bread or is fed to the animals and we eat the beef, chicken or pork.

As I drive down Highway 183 past Schoenchen I notice there is water in the Smoky Hill River and if you drive down Main Street in Hays and check out Big Creek youíll find water there as well. That is a beautiful sight to see.

I walk my dog past a draw in Hays that collects water run off which then flows into the sewer system. Several times as we passed by she ran into the water, came out and ran back into it again. I believe she enjoyed it.

Motherís Day was nice and my daughter in Hays took me out to eat. We had reservations with other relatives and friends and the meal consisted of some of my favorite foods, such as stuffing, turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy. It was delicious.

This past weekend was busy for many parents, graduates, other family and friends with the graduations and parties being held. Hays definitely grew in population for a few days with all the people in town for the graduation ceremonies. I believe Ellis and Victoria had graduations this weekend as well.

April showers bring May flowers and what a blessing that has been this year and it wonít be long before June weddings will be taking place. My nieceís daughter is having an outdoor wedding in early June and due to the rain and flowers all around it should be beautiful.

I have finished radiation treatments and if things work as predicted, I should be cancer-free. Hurrah! The treatments did make me slightly tired but Iím getting my energy back. So letís enjoy and be thankful for every day God gives us.

Alberta Klaus is a member of the Generations Advisory Group.