There are many books written about Barack Hussein Obama. In this letter to the editor, I can only scratch the surface about our president's extraordinary background.

The fact Obama's mother and grandparents came from Kansas before moving to Hawaii might be one of only a few ordinary things about his upbringing.

It appears to me our president of today has a unique background unlike any president in American history. Most of the information in this letter was presented to the public by alternative media in 2007; however, mainstream media didn't seem to be the least bit interested.

While in Hawaii, his mother met then married a Kenyan Muslim. Obama's father, from the country of Kenya, turned out to be an alcoholic, supposedly married at the same time to another woman, eventually divorcing Obama's mother and unfortunately lost his life in a car accident due to his alcoholism. Obama, to this day, seems to have an obsession about his father.

Obama's mother was a free spirit giving up her Christian faith, and a second time married another Muslim following her divorce to Obama's father. While living in Indonesia, Obama's stepfather had his stepson accompany him often to a mosque for prayer. Obama remarked Muslim prayer "is one of the prettiest sounds on earth at sunset." Some would argue his refusal to name terrorists as Islamic terrorists comes from his early exposure to the Islamic faith.

All presidents had a unique background, but Obama's appears to be extraordinarily unique. Have we ever had a president where polls show there are many who question whether or not he is Christian or his love of America?

When his mother divorced for the second time, Obama moved back to Hawaii to live with his grandparents. During that time, he was tutored by Frank Marshall Davis, a card-carrying communist on the FBI's radar screen. Some would argue much of his socialistic thinking of today came from Davis.

In Obama's book "Dreams of My Father," he admits to doing drugs throughout high school and pretty much out of it during that time. Would any other president in our history be president following such an admission? I wonder?

Following high school, Obama was able to get into several distinguished universities. And, it is his higher education career that is unique also, unlike other presidents. He has spent millions in attorney fees keeping his college records under wraps. We don't know his grades or how he even gained admission to some of the schools.

No other president's birth certificate has become so controversial, raising the question of Obama's place of birth and right to be U.S. president.

No other president went to a church regularly where the church's pastor (Jeremiah Wright) was clearly anti-American and said God-damn America and the chickens came home to roost when 911 occurred. Obama went to that church for 20 years, and its pastor married Michelle and Obama.

Our president's political campaign was jump started at the home of Bill Ayers, a known American terrorist who today says he and his wife didn't bomb enough buildings. Ayers and his wife are university professors.

A litany of socialist groups supported Obama's run for the presidency. Did Obama's early history have lots to do with his campaign of "transforming America," particularly in terms of redistribution of wealth?

Would any other American president be so very silent as thousands of Christians are being slaughtered in the Middle East and at the same time protecting Muslims from Islamic terrorists who he simply calls extremists? Or would any other claim we are no longer a Christian nation? Or that Christians a thousand years ago killed under the name of God also?

Would any other president engage in a secret deal with Islamic Iran, completely bypassing Congress, which gives Iran the right to develop a nuclear bomb?

Even though our president was never "down for the struggle," media didn't seem to care about anything but Obama being our first black president and, of course, that too makes him like none other to occupy the Oval Office.

Les Knoll,

Victoria and Gilbert, Ariz.

Nick Schwien is managing editor at The Hays Daily News.