Fast-food pay

I see fast-food employees are striking for $15 an hour. That's $31,200 per year. An E1 (private) makes $18,378 per year. After eight years of service, an E5 makes $35,067 a year.

So you kids in a job that is teaching you to work and many other skills while they pay you for minimum skills while you learn think you deserve more pay than people defending you in a hostile environment -- even losing limbs and getting shot at?

This is like getting paid to get a good education. If you want higher wages, go to work, learn and earn them. Then get out and get a better paying job and make room for others to learn. We don't need more expensive food while you are learning to work. That should not be a life-long job. Learn to work, be dependable, then move up.

Glen Teel,