How quickly the year 2013 has flown by. Soon I knew I would find myself in the year 2014.

In fact, last night (New Year's Eve), as I thought of the year's happenings, I only could hope the year 2014 would bring some changes. Do not mistake that I did not find wonderful happenings in 2013, for I certainly did. In recalling them, I thought I would save my memory and see what the Internet had to offer as the great events of 2013.

As I looked at what was written, I read of many sporting events, scandals and only a smattering of what I preferred to read and hear about. The TV newscasts reported murder and other mayhem, bombings in Syria and dire economic predictions that did not sound reassuring, depending on who was reporting.

I thought I'd better go to bed for a good night's sleep and wait to see what the new year would bring. It is true we no longer wait up to see the new year in, unless it is in New York or further east for a time zone more in tune for my sleepy head. As soon as I hit the pillow, the time for rest and dreaming began.

What a wonderful world I saw. The politicians were busy at work seeking ways to keep in sync with our wonderful Constitution that was written for the ages by our founding fathers. And the First Amendment really was being observed. Freedom of speech, with good taste and kindness, allowed truth and faith. There was freedom for the individual to practice one's religion without coercion nor sanction. The miracle of life as it truly is was recognized and revered.

I viewed our Congress busy with drafting a just policy for immigration that would not penalize honest, hardworking immigrants, who through no fault of their own, did not have the means nor financial support to enable them to seek citizenship. Now a law was nearing completion without separating loving families from each other and that was recognized as just for all of us whose forefathers also were immigrants.

I listened to our politicians as they sought ways to provide for the good of the American people, rather than looking at how they could obtain votes for the next election that would allow them to serve as career politicians. Not only that, but they were seeking ways to legislate term limits. What a change in perspective.

Unemployment no longer was an issue. Education needs and just employment were available with appropriate funding.

Health care needs for the disabled and aging were adequately and caringly provided. Profit-making no longer was the dominant theme.

But perhaps best of all, peace had been declared and was put into practice through the entire world with all of us seeking the good of others, truly caring for those who were in need of economic assistance, of love and caring, a visit, and maybe just a smile and cheery word.

Our servicemen and women were all home with the recognition, the jobs and support they deserve so very much. Yes, peace in the world, in heart and mind.

Then morning came. As I awoke in this New Year 2014, I looked out our bedroom window. I thanked God the sun still was shining, the world still was here, and the great miracle of life continues. God is in charge. But we have work to do. How can we, who have been blessed so much, make the world better for everyone? Now is the time to start.

But I cannot quit writing without remembering our dear friend and American patriot Carl Schlegel who died Dec. 23. I am sure he is looking down on us and expects us to continue the great journey. 'Til next we meet, dear friend, Carl.

God bless us every one.

Ruth Moriarity is a member of the Generations advisory committee.