Special to The Hays Daily News

Even though the project is still a few months away from completion, visitors to the HaysMed Family Medicine Clinic are noticing quite a few changes.

Patients and families are now seeing their health-care providers in the new addition, which has been completed. Phase two of the project is an extensive reconstruction of the older part of the structure.

Project completion is expected this summer at the facility, which Hays Medical Center owns and operates.

“We think the community will be impressed with what we have done so far, as well as the final result later this year,” said Leslie Dexter, office manager. “Visitors are enjoying a bigger and brighter lobby, and more privacy throughout the entire clinic.

“We also anticipate the new configuration will offer a better flow of foot traffic,” she added. “This means that checking into and out of the clinic will be smooth sailing.”

The expansion project also will result in more exam and procedure rooms. A total of 29 exam rooms will be available, up from 22. And there will be three procedure rooms instead of two.

“In addition,” Dexter noted, “rooms will be larger and doorways will be wider. Patients will have easier access to more comfortable surroundings.”

The renovations added 12,381 square feet to the clinic; 10,653 square feet are being remodeled to create a uniform look and feel in all areas of the facility.

Throughout the construction project, which started last April, the clinic has remained open full-time.

Shae Veach, HaysMed vice president of regional operations, noted the staff knew it was important to be available during the construction and they continue to make it work.

“It is always challenging for associates when any remodeling project is under way,” Veach said. “But our staff at HaysMed Family Medicine have gone above and beyond. The noise and additional traffic has not distracted them from caring for their patients.”

Veach added that patients and families “will be thrilled with the spacious clinic. The registration area will be more private and allow staff to better serve patients. A fantastic option will be the convenience of dropping off patients at either of the two entrances.”

This two-phase project is just one example of the HaysMed commitment to investing in the hospital and its clinics, Veach commented.

“We continually invest in maintaining our buildings, and the HaysMed Family Medicine addition and remodeling is another example of our commitment to a better patient experience,” Veach commented. “This will allow us to continue to expand the family-medicine practice to accommodate the changing needs of our community.”

Currently, the staff includes Dr(s). Heather Harris, Jeffery Henry, Richard Rajewski, Andrea Sandoval and Nathan Smith, physician assistants Nichole Ganoung, and Jennifer Williams and advanced practice registered nurses Susan Amrein and Camille Suchi. The total number of staff members is 34.