Only one tagged fish has been caught at Cedar Bluff Reservoir in the Cabela's and Wanna Go Fishing television campaign currently under way.

Few details have been released so far, but a number of the tagged fish have been caught in Kansas. Only one, however, hails from Cedar Bluff Reservoir. The angler only has been identified as Darrin C.

Cedar Bluff Park Manager Chris Smith said he didn't havemany details, and didn't know the name of the angler.

"There was one guy that caught a 19-inch walleye that had a tag in it," he said.

Smith said he's aware a largemouth bass also was tagged, but said he's unsure if any other species were tagged or even how many went into the water.

"It's good," he said of the contest. "If it sparks interest and gets people out here, that's good."

Seventeen other anglers have caught tagged fish at other lakes in the state, including Kanopolis, Waconda, Cheney, Milford and Hillsdale.

The tagged fish are part of a Cabela's promotion that runs through July 14.

There's the chance to win $2.2 million in cash and prizes, but many of the fish caught are considered sponsor prizes.

All but one of the tagged fish caught so far are sponsor prizes, garnering prizes valued at anywhere from $200 to $300.

To win, anglers need to register. If they catch a tagged fish, they have to enter its number online at