In one word, that’s how Ellis County homeowners said they feel about the current traffic situation in the unincorporated community of Pfeifer.

The Ellis County Commission heard from two residents who were seeking reduced speed limits and additional speed limit signs on Sarratov Street, the main road through the community.

The speed limit is currently 30 mph, but vehicles frequently pass through town going approximately twice as fast, said Daren Hilger, a Pfeifer resident.

“I do have four small children. … I live in Pfeifer, right on the main road,” Hilger said.

“It is a concern to me. That is my greatest fear is what if one of my children did get hit?”

A group of seven residents penned a letter to the commission, asking they consider reducing the speed limit and post additional signs warning of the decreased speed zone.

The residents have suggested changing the speed limit to 25 mph in town, with 20 mph near the area by Holy Cross Shrine, a historic church that draws tourists as well as seasonal events.

Ellis County is authorized to change the speed limits, but first must complete an engineering and traffic investigation.

Commissioners unanimously voted to obtain the necessary study, at a cost not to exceed $900.

Meanwhile, county staff also was instructed to install speed zone signs and use a speed radar trailer to help with enforcement.