Special to The Hays Daily News

Some people are born with natural humor, and Elizabeth Schmeidler is one of those people.

As an author, songwriter, vocalist and public speaker, the mother of four seems to find humor in nearly every situation, even when the situation is somber. Her ability to take a grave situation and find humor and inspiration within it is demonstrated in her four published stories in the latest edition of "Amazing Grace for Families."

Schmeidler takes a regular busy day as a multitasking housewife, trying desperately not to make her husband late for an important dinner banquet, and with humor and seriousness introduces a significant topic that helps put all her tasks in perspective for the day in her story titled "Just Do It." Her other stories titled "Pride Goeth Before a Water Ticket," "An Early Calling" and "If I Could Just Phone Home," equally demonstrate Schmeidler's personality in handling day-to-day situations.

Schmeidler said most of her inspiration comes during prayer time.

"Scripture comes alive and speaks to my heart. Inspiration comes also from the greatest joys of life and also when life has punched me in the stomach," she said, chuckling. "I am also inspired to write about things close to my heart, like my children, the beauty of God's world and nature."

Schmeidler said the inspiration to write does not come from her own accord, but is a gift of the Holy Spirit.

"What is wonderful about relying on the Holy Spirit is that a song or story can come out of nowhere, when I least expect it, which is really a bonus because I can feel certain, then, that it is God's will."

While Schmeidler said it "feels so good" to see her stories in print or her music on CDs, she believes the best part in being published is knowing that God will use these life experience stories to encourage and help others know and love him, and that hopefully they will see his hand working in their own lives.

The "Amazing Grace" series is published by Ascension Press and can be found in Catholic book stores and by going to www.ascensionpres.com.

Messenger Catholic Books, Gifts, Music and Art, 2512 Vine, will host a book signing with Schmeidler from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday.