PLAINVILLE — With a little of his carpentry skills and a bit of her artistic abilities, Gerrad and Lauren Speer, Plainville, have found the perfect combination to create useful, one-of-a-kind products for children.

The couple moved to Plainville a little more than a year ago, where Lauren is a stay-at-home mother to their two children, Graham, 3, and Eleanor, 1. Gerrad is a chiropractor at Koerner Chiropractic and Physical Therapy, Ellis.

“Gerrad’s always had the talent and love for woodworking,” Lauren said. “I was an art major in college, so as a full-time mom, I wanted to dive back into art.”

“She does graphite drawing, and she is a very talented painter,” Gerrad said of his wife.

Though the couple possessed the talents and passions, never had the two crossed paths until inspiration ignited once they started a family.

“We started making things for our kids,” Gerrad said.

When Lauren was a child, her parents gave her a puzzle step-stool with her name in it, which she still has to this day. The meaningful memories sparked her to attempt making one of their own. So for Graham’s first birthday, the couple made him one, and then when Eleanor came along, they made another.

“I posted a picture of her stool on Facebook, and all of the sudden we had a lot of people asking if they could get one,” Lauren said. “That’s kind of when the idea started that maybe we could do something with this.”

So, a few months ago, Gerrad and Lauren began designing, building and painting various children’s products, including puzzle step-stools and small picnic tables.

“Our focus is to do everything centered around kids,” Lauren said.

The small business, Speer Creations, quickly took off as family, friends and complete strangers began placing orders.

Gerrad and Lauren also started taking their items to craft fairs and other events.

“Right now, the biggest things are the step-stools,” Lauren said. “We already have people putting in custom orders and getting their Christmas gifts in advance.”

The teamwork has paid off for the couple in more ways than one as they strengthen their friendship, put smiles on children’s faces and bring in a little extra income, all while having the opportunity to combine passions on a daily basis.

“I always wanted to have art be something I could carry on for the rest of my life,” Lauren said. “Once I married my husband, and he kind of had the same love for building, now we both get to share in that love of art.”

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