Your publication did a full-page article on the tireless efforts of Kelly Cooper in the Friends of the Library bookstore, sorting and pricing books, mainly donations.

It might surprise readers to know that, acting on a "suggestion" from unnamed library staff, the spineless dilettantes on the "Friends" executive committee saw fit to send her a certified letter telling her that her services ware no longer required, for some nebulous and poorly-explained reason. She was however, welcome to carry on developing resources for them. Seems a poor reward for many years of tireless devotion. In my personal opinion, her straight-arrow nature has been getting in the way of widespread misappropriation of donations, which has increased exponentially since the shameful removal of the award-winning ex-director of the library, Melanie Miller.

During which time, the present president of the "Friends" said "We come to bury Caesar not to praise him," in my hearing, in public. Translation: Don't rock the boat. I enjoy the view from my Ivory Tower.

This library is now moribund, a sad decline from its previous position as second best in Nation, per head of population, under Ms. Miller.

Truly the Age of Mediocrity, as once again demonstrated in Hays, America.

Ian Donaldson