Lyons, NE- Today the Center for Rural Affairslaunched an array of resources to help answer many of the questions andconcerns people have regarding the federal Affordable Care Act.

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"October 1st marked an historic day for health care access in theUnited States, the day health insurance marketplaces created by the Affordable CareAct opened for business," said Jon Bailey, director of research and analysis atthe Center for Rural Affairs."While the online marketplaces, or exchanges, haveexperienced difficulties that were not altogether unexpected, it is importantto remember, this is just the beginning, individuals have through the end ofMarch to sign up in this enrollment period."

"We urge the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to fixthe problems in the federal exchange immediately. It is simply unacceptable forthis system not to work properly, there are too many working families,especially here in rural and small town America, counting on a workingexchange for access to affordable health insurance," Bailey continued. "At thesame time, we urge everyone to stay calm and stay the course, there will beplenty of time for the exchanges to be fixed and for individuals to enrollthrough the online insurance marketplaces."

According to Bailey, the Center for RuralAffairs is also offering informational presentations on the nation's new healthcare law at multiple locations around Nebraska.A listing of those presentations is available on the Center's health careresource page:

"We have been invited to holdpresentations in half a dozen small towns in Nebraska and as long as we havethe resources, we'll keep accepting as many invitations as we can because weknow how vitally important reliable information is, not only to people seekingaffordable health insurance, perhaps for the very first time, but also to theeconomic future of America's small towns and rural areas."

On October 15th, Bailey presentedinformation on the Affordable Care Act in Ashland, Nebraska, at an event sponsoredby the Ashland Chamber of Commerce. He discussed the basics of the AffordableCare Act and in particular the new health insurance marketplaces. He discussedhow the marketplaces work, how they will help people, and what assistance isavailable to help people navigate the new health insurance system.

"There were a lot of questions out there,mostly about how people will be covered based on their personal circumstances,"Bailey said. "I expect that in upcoming presentations there will be a lot ofquestions from people who are buying insurance in the new marketplace, andwe'll be talking about some of the basics with what's in the law and what thenew health insurance exchanges mean. They opened up on Oct. 1, so we'll talkabout what people can expect on how they work and what they need to have whenthey go online."

Bailey added that public information aboutthe new health care act has been lacking, which has led to a lot of confusion.

"I think there are so many sources ofinformation and different spins on the information, that it seems to createmore questions and confusion," Bailey concluded. "A lot of it depends on wherepeople get their information and what they take in, and we're trying to give afact-based presentation, with no politics and no spin on the law at all, andtalk about what's in it and how it will affect people."

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