AP story from Dec. 26, 1956A freight car loaded with a secret shipment of government exploseives caught fire and blew up at the edge of Selkirk last night. The blas broke out a least half the window panes in town. Amost every building shoed some damage. A 300-ound cunk fo steel hurtled a quarter of a mile into Main street and clipped power lines. But no one was hurt.Selkirk is a town of few than 100 in western Kansas, about 30 miles from the Colorado line. The boxcar was in a fast westbound freight on the Missouri Pacific and railroaders said a hot box set it afire. An axle bearing ran dry of lubricant, turned red hot and burst into flame.Crewmen cut off the train behind the burign car nad pulled into a siding. They also uncoupled about six cars ahead of the explosives and pulled ahead. Debris from the explosion blocked the mainline only a short time.A Missouri Pacific spokesman in Kansas City said he didn’t know what kind of explosives was in the car “and I couldn’t tell you if I knew because it was a secret government shipment.”