The month of March has been busy. Iíve picked out some events to tell you about. I didnít write these by most important or what I like best. I write about them in the order in which they happened to me.

The day before I planned to drive to Manhattan to attend the annual Master Farmer/Master Farm Homemaker banquet, I woke up with a strong feeling I should have had my tires rotated. I told myself Iíd do it when I got back, but the feeling kept coming back again and again and again, finally I decided maybe I better have my tires checked.

Well, I was told my tires were not safe, they were near bald, so I ended up getting new tires. Wow they cost $222 each. Iím sure the Lord was wanting me to be safe as I traveled.

Each year since 1953 the cooperative extension service local councils and districts submit nominations then a K-State committee picks the farm couples from the nomination forms filled out by each couple from each area (north, south, east and west) and two couple at large to equal the six to be honored as MF/MFH for the year.

Sometimes I have to get out the Kansas road map to see where these couples live. I feel itís important to let everyone know who has been chosen, so here are the names of the couples honored as the class of 2015 on March 11, 2016, in Manhattan:

Kevin and Barbara Alpers Hudson; Dwight and Cindy Baldwin, McPherson; Ronald and Patricia Fredrick son, Osage City; Ki and Kimberly Gamble, Greensburg; Craige and Tamara Gigstad, Valley Falls; Don and Lois Martin, Clay Center.

At the banquet the video taken when they were interviewed showing their farms and family were enjoyed by all. They received a plaque to display at home.

We welcomed them and hope they will be able to participate in the MF/MFH Discover KS event, State Fair MF/MFH Day and come each year to annual banquet. Jim and I were honored with the 1999 class, we attended each year and I continue to make the trip.

The weekend I came home from Manhattan I went to see ďThe Lordís Last Supper.Ē It was a wonderful way get the true meaning of Easter. Easter is not only colored eggs and a new spring outfit to wear.

The presentation was very powerful especially at the end when the Risen Jesus stood beside his disciples in a gleaming white robe as he raised his arms to the Heavens where he would be going to live with his Father. It was absolutely amazing and brought tears to my eyes.

The Special Olympics State Basketball and Cheerleading Tournament is held each year in Hays. We in Hays should be very proud to be the host City for this event. It is named perfectly ďSpecialĒ Olympics because it is a special event, for special young people and gives the opportunity for many to continue to participate as the team members grow older. Each coach, volunteer, sponsor, family and friend that support this yearly event are to be congratulated, especially the Knights of Columbus.

The tournament has been special to me because our daughter Shirleen came as an assistant with a team from Cloud County in 1982. Jim and I attended, we were impressed and enjoyed seeing these young people preform. We continued to come each year, I still come.

When Shirleen and husband Ray began to coach in 1986 bringing teams from the Hutchinson area, their own children grew up with these special teams. In fact this year one daughter came back from Baldwin City just to be part of the event with their parents.

Shirleen was pleased when a women came up to her remembering she was the great teacher who helped her to be a cheerleader back in 1982.

If you havenít had the opportunity to see the Thursday night opening ceremonies I feel you have missed the spectacular show as hundreds of team members from across the state parading into Gross Memorial Gym filling all the bleachers and part of the upper seating area also. Plan to attend in March 2017.

March is nearly over, another month will begin. As I turn the page I see April will be a busy month. I am thankful for a happy busy life with many blessed friends and a caring God watching over me, Iím ready for the spring days.

Opal Flinn is a member

of the Generations Advisory Group.