What do numbers have to do in our lives?

They seem to be very important in a number of ways, such as our age, is money important and how much so, what is the correct address, how many miles yet to go, etc.

Numbers can be very interesting. There are a number of interesting figures making Internet rounds that should attract your attention.

We all know the attack on the World Trade Towers occurred Sept. 11. The towers, while they were yet standing, gave every appearance of the number 11 while standing side by side.

Now, take the date of the attack. Sept. 11 usually is referred to as 9/11. If you count the number of letters in the word, September, there are nine. The date was the 11th of September, so, adding nine plus one plus one, it equals 11.

The attack occurred on the 250th day of the year. Now add 2 plus 5 plus 4, and what do you get? Eleven. It is interesting that the following day, there were 111 days left in the year.

There were nineteen terrorists involved in planning and carrying out the attack, some of whom trained in Afghanistan. Count the letters in Afghanistan and what do you get? Eleven.

The attack occurred in New York City, and -- what do you know -- that city's name also has 11 letters. The state of New York just happens to be the 11th state added to the Union.

The Pentagon was one of the targets of the attack. Add the number of letters in "the Pentagon" and there are 11.

There were 92 people on board one of the planes that crashed into the towers, so here is another 11.

Some people have some faith in Nostradamus as one whose predictions have come true. Did he have anything to say about this event? Whatever you think, his name includes 11 letters.

Many people think this terrorist act was one of the worst on planet Earth. What do you know, "planet Earth" consists of 11 letters.

The Red Cross was very active in helping following this terrible act. Now, add the letters in "the Red Cross." It's 11.

The man who put all of these figures together was humorist David Pawson and, what do you know, another 11. He said trying to explain all of this made him wonder if he was "going insane" and so here was another 11 letters.

Is there meaning in all of this? I wouldn't want even to guess, but I do find it very interesting and I hope you will too.

Dawson asked a final question. It was "Is America doomed?" And then he recalled America's birthday is July 4 or 7/4 -- another 11. He finally said trying to figure it all out might just be BS. But you will find if you spell out "it's BS," it also comes to 11.

Here's another way when numbers can be interesting. They have to do with presidents Lincoln and Kennedy.

Lincoln was elected in 1860 and Kennedy was elected in 1960. Both of them were killed on a Friday and in the presence of their wives.

John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harry Oswald both were southerners and favored unpopular ideas. Both were murdered before they could be brought to trial.

Booth shot Lincoln in a theater. Oswald shot Kennedy from a warehouse and ran to a theater.

The slain presidents were succeeded by men named Jonnson, both of whom were southerners. Andrew Jonnson, Lincoln's successor, was born in 1808; Kennedy's successor, named Lyndon, was born in 1908. Both of these Johnsons had served in the U.S. Senate before becoming vice presidents.

If you have some time on your hands, you might want to give this a try. List the letters of the alphabet A through Z, giving each a number 1 through 26. Now take a word, apply the number representing each of the letters and see what you get.

I don't know if it means anything, but it might be fun to try.

I do know numbers, when you consider it, mean very much to us in our lives,

Arris Johnson