Compassionate president

I listened to Obama speak about how he has ISIS on the run. How he is tying up their oil money. How many ISIS leaders he has killed. After all your bragging, ISIS is stronger than ever. These are the same people you call the JV Team. You say your goal is to contain ISIS. You have to defeat ISIS. You have to destroy them.

You talked very little about all the lives that were lost in Orlando, Fla. This was just another chance to talk about your gun control. What you would really like to have is for no guns at all in the hands of law-abiding citizens. It will be a cold day in hell before that happens.

You were really upset because the Republicans call them for what they are ó radical Muslims, radical Islamists. They are at war with the United States, yet you do not want to say we are at war with them. Your dad was a radical Muslim. You were raised in a Muslim family. Is that why you canít call them for what they are? I think it is time for you to pull your head out of your six and start being a president for all American citizens ó not just Democratic Liberals.

On a side note, Senate Speaker Paul Ryan wanted to observe a minute of silence to honor the victims and their families. What did the liberals in the Senate do? Three walked out of the Senate chambers, and the rest stood up and hollered like the hypocrites they are. All the senators in the liberal aisle wanted was to vote on another gun law. They didnít even have the decency to observe a minute of silence for the victims and their families in Florida.

Verlyn Schumacher,