I have been thinking about what I wanted to say on the 14th anniversary of the attack on our great nation for some time now. I suppose it is my advancing years and my great love for this country that what happened that day is never really far from my thoughts.

After 9/11 we as a nation came together to face a very real enemy. We stood proud, shoulder to shoulder. What happened? Have we been lulled to sleep? Are we blind, deaf and dumb? Even our president refuses to accept that we are still under a real threat from people who want more than anything to destroy the freedom we have. He even refuses to call it what it is: Islamic terrorism.

Instead he is pushing through a treaty with a country that proudly boasts it is going to destroy us regardless of any treaty.

It is a treaty worse than what Chamberlain signed with Hitler prior to World War II. If all this were not bad enough he has spent nearly eight years trying to steal away the very freedoms we once cherished.

What did we do to deserve this horrendous attack? Why did nearly 3,000 people have to die? Why are we now allowing our freedoms to be taken away one at a time?

Since 1917, our nation has contributed foreign aid to nations around the world. In 2013 the United States government allocated $40.11 billion in aid. In addition to that private citizens donated another $71.2 billion.

Any time people have been in need we, as a people, have been there to help with food, money, materials, blood, sweat and tears. (It is difficult to find more recent data because the government has taken steps to make it nearly impossible for “we the people” to know just what they are and are not doing.)

Yes, there have been times in our history that we have over reached into the business of other nations. We are a relatively young country and we have made mistakes and we have owned them; that in and of itself is something to be proud of.

There is a reason people from all over the world want to come here. We purport to have that rare and dangerous gift of freedom. Some nations feel threatened by the United States. Believe it or not it is not our military might that frightens them the most; it is our freedom. Nothing frightens dictators more than people wanting freedom and yet far too many who have been born here are acting like sheep led to slaughter; allowing, even encouraging, one freedom after another to be taken away without so much as a whimper.

We as a people once took pride in our nation and ourselves. We were proud that we were self sufficient and that we took care of ourselves and our own. We respected ourselves and others. For far too many this is no longer true.

The United States was settled because people were fed up with the governing powers interfering with their religion. They moved an ocean away, in rickety boats driven only by the wind to escape religious tyranny. Our founding fathers knew this threat only too well and made it part of the constitution that there would be a complete separation of church and state.

Too many think it was to protect the government from the church. It most assuredly was not. It was solely to protect the church from the over reach of government, yet now our Supreme Court, founded with the one purpose of following the letter of the law, thinks nothing of granting the government the power over religion.

This nation was founded because there was taxation without representation. It is far worse now than it was then yet there are no marches on Washington, no protests across this nation. I remember the protests we had to stop the war in Vietnam; they took place from sea to shining sea and they worked.

The founding fathers even saw fit to include an amendment guaranteeing the right to bear arms. I have heard people try to justify taking this right by saying the founding fathers were talking about muskets.


They gave us the right to bear arms, whatever arms would be necessary, to over throw a government that was no longer representing the people. They did this because they had been denied arms.

I am now often ashamed of this country. We have generations where far too many demand that others support them with no intention of supporting themselves and feel insulted if we, the people doing the supporting, object. Instead of taking responsibility for ourselves and our own actions far too many blame others and given any chance at all sue to get ill-gotten gains for their own misdeeds. I have seen college professors justify shoplifting ignoring the fact that it costs us all.

People have children and demand the state support them. If we dare suggest that they wait to have children until they can support them themselves, they scream that we are denying them the right to happiness.

Men and women debase themselves on national TV and take pride in having done so. Songs are written with lyrics so filthy that anyone with self pride would be ashamed to say them and they make millions.

Sodom and Gomorrah has nothing on us.

We ignore the fact that throughout history the decay of a country’s morals has always sounded the death knell of that country.

People are murdering those who have chosen to protect us and then brag about it.

They write songs encouraging people to do it. When a thug attacks a police officer and is gunned down, they burn and loot and then the thug’s family sues.

Police are so threatened that they sometimes overreact now and we lay the blame at their feet and never at the reason why.

What happened on 9/11 should have been our wake-up call to stand united once again. I hope and pray that we will before it is too late.

JM Koshiol