I read with interest the HDN article illustrating how, were a Kansan to win the Powerball lottery, the state taxes accrued would eliminate, at least for a short while, the stateís current budget shortfall ó with some change to spare.

I like this idea very much, as it would place absolutely no financial burden upon me, and so Iíve put my entire mind toward coming up with a plan to increase Kansasí odds for winning. After careful thought, I humbly propose the following: That the state retain our governorís and legislatorsí wages (one monthís salary ought to do it) and with the collected money, buy lottery tickets on behalf of our state treasurer. Granted, the only flaw in my plan is that we still might not win the lottery (I donít know how lucky our state treasurer is); however, given our legislatorsí past record in working together to put in working order a budget which they themselves dismantled, I am confident our stateís odds of winning the lottery are at least as good as this legislative sessionís chances are for effecting honest, viable tax reform.

Gene Dreiling,