On Nov. 18, Kirby, our yorkie, somehow disappeared out of our backyard. He is about 8 months old.

The animal control officer and we canvassed the neighborhood for almost two hours. No sign of him at all. We notified the Humane Society in case someone contacted them. An ad was placed offering a reward.

As much as we hate to think it, it appears as if someone may have "borrowed" him for a while. There really is no other explanation.

God forbid, if he was hit by a car, or ran into some other demise, he had a collar and tag that someone could use to at least notify us.

If someone has him, please take good care of him. He enjoys squeaky toys. There is $200 "no questions asked" reward for his safe return. We find it extremely hard to believe that in Hays, America, someone would find a missing puppy with tags and not contact the owner.

If you have any information about this, please contact us. Would like to thank the ACO for helping with the search and the Humane Society for keeping an eye out for Kirby. Thank you.

Jason Klitzke