The Hays City Commission, at its 6:30 p.m. meeting Thursday, will be asked to approve an annual contract for sewer line cleaning and video inspection.

The project is a continuation of a three-phase cleaning and inspection that began in 2013 to ensure proper maintenance and operation of the collection system. The video obtained during cleaning services is important to indicate the physical condition of the sewer system and schedule future maintenance projects, Assistant City Manager Jacob Wood said.

The proposed cost would not exceed $120,000, and the low bidder is Colorado-based Pro Pipe in the amount of 95 cents per linear foot.

The city has a goal of cleaning 33 percent, or 38 miles, of sewer lines each year. If approved, Pro Pipe would clean one-sixth of the city’s lines, with the remaining one-sixth being cleaned by city staff.

Wood said residents should not experience any difficulties or changes in their service as a result of the process.

The affected area includes many neighborhoods stretching from east of Vine to Metro Lane, and a few residential areas from 32nd to 36th streets between Willow and Broadway. A detailed map is available at

Also on Thursday, the commission will be asked to approve a request for design services for a wildlife fence at Hays Regional Airport. The $2 million is required by the Federal Aviation Administration, which will pay 90 percent of associated costs.

Design/engineering services would cost $99,950, with the city paying $9,995.

Commissioners also will hear an update regarding improvements at Larks Park.