Its a concept she will open the door to in a little more than a week.

Thats when Kim Lyon will host her first summer flea market. With the name Flea The Coop, Lyon is renting space for vendors around the outside of the store, located at 2005 General Custer, Hays.

The first of the events will be from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. June 25. From there, she will have the flea market on the last Saturday of the following three months. The spaces will be available for $10.

Ive got several (vendors) ready to go, Lyon said for the first of what she hopes to become an annual event. I have room for more.

Its just something Im going to try. On a small scale, we have (flea markets), but we dont on a very large scale. Id like to see it grow to be a big deal.

An antique collector along with her husband, Kenton, for years, Lyon opened the Chicken Coop on Feb. 1. A space full of antiques, homemade products and refurbished items, Lyon said there are a combination of 22 different vendor items she sells to go along with several things she and Kenton have collected through time. She came up with the store name from her husbands grandfather, who stored many of his valuables in a chicken coop.

So my earthly treasures are now in the Chicken Coop, Lyon said.

Its only fun to collect if you have room to put it.

The idea of opening the store was to sell new, used, unique and antique items. The unique being more the refurbished part, which includes in the store some office desks and dressers. At the front entrance is a 4-foot metal chicken that has been refurbished with colorful paint.

Lyon said it usually is used as a conversation piece when customers come in.

While the store has been used by customers of all ages with products that range from homemade quilts, jewelry, games, furniture and even exercise equipment, Lyon was interested in being able to draw some of the college-aged students.

During the summer and when classes approach will give Lyon the opportunity to draw that crowd as students begin to look for things to dress up their apartments and dormitories.

I have really been pleased, Lyon said of the reaction she has received from the store since it opened. Weve done really well.

I really thought one of the services I would provide would be for the college kids, fixing up apartments and rooms. I really get a huge variety of people. Its fun when the young kids come in and want to furnish their first apartment. Theres so much excitement. I havent been open for the start of a semester, so Im really going to focus on that for the fall.