Sitting down to the computer table each morning, I am in the habit of scanning the calendar to see what is on the agenda for that particular day, and upon doing so this morning, I couldn't help but think, "Oh, it is time to turn the calendar in a day or so, again."

I know it happens at least 12 times during the year, but this time of the year always sets me to being a little more apprehensive about that chore, because when I complete the task this 11th month of the year, before me appears the month of December, and yes, I have to add another year to my personal life.

I will be the first to agree no one can ruin my day without my permission, and I can be as happy as I decide to be, and yes, others can stop me temporarily, but only one other can do it permanently -- so why all the oompah about now? About this stage in my life?

Honesty rules out -- as in all things -- so I have to share with you a little something that goes way back to Heloise. Remember her? The gal that was in most of the national newspapers, answering letters from her audience, giving advice. Think it was called "Hints from Heloise" in most of the publications. Well, this goes way, way back, but I clipped this particular article from the local newspaper. Just this week, as I happened to be rummaging through some files, tossing a few here and there, I came across this little tidbit. Hope you enjoy it as much as I seem to.

The article started off by saying: "If one lives to be 70 years of age and is the average person, he/she spends":

23 years sleeping

19 years working

9 years playing

6 years eating

6 years traveling

2 years dressing

4 years unaccounted

l year in the House of the Lord

Add them up, they total 70 years.

Ever have someone say to you, "Make things right before night"? I have. Those words echo through my mind about several instances, but did I always adhere to that advice? Do you?

Verse after verse, poem after poem, book after book has been written on this subject, so none of us should have a problem coming up with a solution to the problem, except each and every one of us, bless our souls, are totally different individuals.

So, even if you are right and the other party is in the wrong, making peace is certainly better then spending a sleepless night, because in 100 years, who will know the difference anyway? Maybe we should work harder to find more quiet times in our hectic schedules, looking for a time to be still and meditate on the good things in our lives. Sure, we can be interested in others, we can take time to check up on long-standing friendships.

So, I have put this all down on paper. It is right before my eyes. For me, and all to see. So, I will add another year to my life, and the Lord willing, I might be able to make a change for the better. Hope I have a ghost of a chance to make it all happen.

Nadene Albrecht is a retired real estate broker and lives in Russell.