Hopefully we’ll survive the coming election. Seldom has so much hung on so little. But survive we will. The country is larger than its presidency. Having said that, considering what is to come, there will be concern whoever wins.

“The Donald,” something of a political freak, has yet to complete his foolishness. He might deliver great things in leading the Republican Party backwards, elected or not.

“Old Hillary” will possibly do great things while stirring anger. On the other hand, Bernie, though his politics would not be appreciated in many circles, could change things in spite of congressional opposition and that of no-holds-barred-free-market-specialists.

The country already has changed from totally free market management, but far right-wing fanatics still insist on a need to take up their cause.

Bernie would not be accepted with open arms by many in Congress, but his so-called radical influence might create necessary changes in the way Washington governs, and start the creation of concessions by those of extreme wealth to the nation as a whole.

After all, the free market, though not perfect, makes it possible for anyone with the talent and ambition to achieve wealth. Big business should pay its debt to U.S. society, as well as its overseas obligations. And those inheriting wealth have a responsibility to the nation that permits such gratuity.

But come what may, we will endure. This country has survived much worse in times past (depression in the 1930s and the Great War). Those of us who have lived those years should have hope for the future, whatever it might be.

As stated in a recent issue of Newsweek by the columnist Joe Klein: “Nostalgia … is a nursing home for those more comfortable looking back than looking forward.”

Thayne Jones,