It's a little getaway spot, where Les Basgall's children and grandchildren like to play and enjoy the outdoors.

It's also a "deer haven," thanks to its lush untapped grasses and nearby water.

Basgall, who hails from Ransom, took the opportunity Monday to knock down a few weeds and get the site -- not far from Cedar Bluff Reservoir -- ready in the event any summertime activities pop up on the agenda.

He didn't pay any attention to the howling wind that preceded a series of storms this week.

"When the pond fills up with water, the kids like to swim and boat," he said of an area backdropped by limestone outcroppings that dot the countryside.

As he spoke, a drake mallard set down on the water. "The pond's just about one-third full."

The site is something of a oasis, a flat piece of ground on an otherwise rough quarter-section of ground. An outhouse and two smaller buildings offer shelter for the family gathering and a place for live entertainment.

There are horseshoe pits, a swing and benches for sitting to watch the activities, he said.

"We usually try to come up two to three times a year," Basgall said, although he's not sure of the schedule, given his wife died just last year.

But, in the event the family wants to make an outing, Basgall was ready to mow the grass surrounding the swings and horseshoe pits.

"The kids like to come out and run around," he said.