LAKE WILSON -- The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Kansas City District, is conducting a new study for a potential reallocation of water storage at Lake Wilson. This study will be a feasibility level study and will include an in-depth look at a range of alternatives. Information from past and ongoing studies will be used in the process. Information and a summary of comment pertaining to previous studies may be found at the following website:"

The new Reallocation Study will utilize information from the ongoing planning study but will include a much more detailed analysis. The process will begin with a public meeting, which is anticipated for the November time frame. The new study is expected to take two to three years; no reallocation will take place in the interim. The Kansas Water Office will provide periodic updates through the Smoky Hill-Saline Basin Advisory Committee and other public outreach opportunities.

The Kansas Water Office is maintaining a list of Lake Wilson stakeholders. Interested parties are welcome to provide contact information to the Kansas Water Office by e-mailing

Additional information can be obtained from Christina Ostrander at the Kansas City District Corps of Engineers at 816/389-3143 or by emailing