Special to The Hays Daily News

Senior socials can be fun. The Feb. 18 social was a blast.

Kim Hattrup and Stephanie Schaffer led the impromptu skits. They had seniors draw to find out who they were, where they were, what they were doing and when.

Each group had the opportunity to present a skit while the rest tried to figure it out. There was a lot of laughing and unbelievable attempts to get the idea across. Each group did a fine job.

Three teams entered the "build a snowman with toilet tissue" event. Even though the tissue kept tearing, it was fun. Then everyone had the chance to draw for a kiss or a hug. Hugs were real, but kisses were candy.

Harry Watts, Arris Johnson and Opal Flinn provided humorous stories, jokes and poems.

The March Senior Social will be March 18 with bingo night. Come prepared to have fun. Bring a friend, a neighbor your spouse or come alone. It's free, and of course there'll be refreshments. The more the merrier.

Jim and Opal Flinn, Ellis, are members of the Generations Advisory Group.