Kyle Carlin, school psychologist for Hays USD 489, is excited to announce his book, “Bug and Boo,” has been published and is available for purchase. In his five years as a school psychologist, Carlin has helped children of all ages with their social emotional development, and he has presented to educators, parents and administrators about the importance of social emotional learning and strategies that can be used to develop these skills at school and at home.

“Bug and Boo” is a children’s book that focuses on building social emotional skills while providing strategies for children and parents. Carlin wrote the book in May 2015, so he’s been in the process of getting it published and illustrated for a little more than a year now.

“I had aspirations of writing a book like this,” Carlin said. “After meeting another school psychologist who had done it, that gave me the motivation to actually sit down and write it.”

Carlin said another big motivation for him was just to get the information found in his book into as many hands as possible. For three years, he worked for Head Start teaching social emotional lessons to preschoolers, and the book is based on some of the lessons he taught during that time.

“When I worked with that age, I saw a lot of kids that needed help with these skills,” Carlin said. “I also met with a lot of parents who recognized their child needed to build these skills, but didn’t always know how to address it.”

Carlin believes what sets his book apart are the activities before, during and after reading that can help reinforce the skills discussed in the book. These can help a parent learn how to talk to their child about his or her emotions.

“The book is meant to help kids recognize their feelings and to teach them how to control their emotions,” Carlin said.

Carlin said in his current job as a school psychologist for the Hays school district, he sees older children who would have benefited from having learned these skills earlier in life.

“Bug and Boo” is available for purchase from Amazon and Amazon Createspace. The book is illustrated by Karissa Gonzalez-Othon, a Fort Hays State University graduate student, and designed by Lyndsey Dugan from Dugan Designs. “Bug and Boo” is published by Kastle Books, owned by Seth Kastle.