First, thank you to our university for bringing in a former U.S. senator and a former U.S. governor to a debate forum on Monday evening at Fort Hays State University. The program was carried out with the utmost class and dignity.

Second, viewpoints of both men were specified as hot topics were addressed; there was no question on the opposing stance of each man. However, it was quite obvious which gentleman really cares about the people of this country. The man who I so admire cares most about each human person: born and preborn.

We can deny at what point a human being becomes human, but scientific facts remain clear as per the moment of conception. Rick Santorum made it so clear that our Founding Fathers carried out democracy for all human beings and acknowledged the gift of life from our Creator.

Some may try to deny and/or hide from God -- but one day, they will be held accountable. Judgment Day. For 40-lus years, I have wondered how we could expect God to bless America when we kill his creation daily and call it "a right, a choice."

Julia Ann Weber